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Quality Portable Buildings is also your local source for high quality U-Haul rentals. For decades, when Americans have needed a reliable vehicle to move their home or office, they've turned to the affordable and reliable vehicle rentals at U-Haul. If you are interested in taking advantage of our U-Haul rentals, please give us a call!

Looking to purchase a used U-Haul truck? We now offer financing on used U-Haul trucks or any commercial vehicle on the lot.

• 100% Financing up to 75K.
• New and Used vehicles with terms 24-60 months for startups or established businesses!

Price Per Day

•$39.95 + mileage
•$29.95 + mileage
•$29.95 + mileage
•$19.95 + mileage

Van/Trailer Size

•26' Super Mover
•17' Easy Loading Mover
•14' Thrifty Mover
•10' Mini Mover
•6' x 12' Trailer
•5' x 8' Trailer
•4' x 8' Trailer
•5' x 9' Trailer

Number of Rooms

•3-4 Bedroom Home
•Apartment Up to 2 Bedrooms
•Apartment Up to 1 Bedroom
•Studio Apartment
•Up to 3 Rooms
•Up to 2 Rooms
•Utility Van
•Ramp Trailer

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Trailer Rentals

If you are in need of a quality trailer rental for hourly or daily use, Quality Portable Buildings has you covered.

Box and Trailer Rentals

Box and Trailer Rentals

Stop by today and rent our box and trailer combo. You load the box and take it to a U-Haul storage facility, when you need it, U-Haul will deliver it anywhere in the country.

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