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Steel buildings options

All of the steel buildings structures are customizable to suit your size and color needs. They're great for personal use, vehicle storage, and even a range of business needs including farming, shooting, construction, livestock, and more.

Standard buildings

These fully enclosed 12' x 24' wide units come in both single and double carport variations. The standard sizing makes this product the most economical and high-quality option on the market

Barn and stables

Barns from Carolina Carports are available in three variations depending on the way you plan to use the barn, including the Horse, the Carolina, and the Seneca barn. They are designed with three sections that can add up to 64' of covered barn space when combined. Contact us to learn more about the different models.

Certified triples

Certified triple wide carports range in size from 26' to 30' wide and are available in either top only or fully enclosed garage styles (side heights can have up to 14' clearance). We use a heavy-duty truss system to handle heavy winds or snow loads, so these are ideal for protecting oversized equipment and covering multiple vehicles from the elements all at once

Certified 60' wide

If you need an even larger cover, Carolina Carports enlists a professional engineer to design all buildings up to 60' wide (clear span) Carolina Carport buildings. This ensures that each one, regardless of customizations, will meet or exceed wind and snow load requirements for safety. In addition, these structures prove to be more economical than red iron or pre-engineered steel buildings. Optional customizations include top only or totally enclosed styles

RV Coverts & Garages

The RV garage or carport can have a vertical roof to disperse the weight of rain and snow (sized up to 30' wide) and is certified to withstand wind speeds up to 140 miles per hour. These covers can also include an optional roll-up door up to 14' x 14' roll-up door as desired.

Cover styles and size options

Covers and carports from Carolina Carports can range anywhere from 12′ to 40′ x 20v long (with no upper limit to the length) to protect virtually any kind of equipment, workspace, or vehicle. Just let us know your size requirements and select from the range of color options here.

You may also consider the following roof styles:

Regular Roof

With rounded corners and horizontal roof panels, the regular style is typically the most economical option

Boxed Eve Style

This upgraded roof features an A-frame using horizontal roof panels, making it both stylish and affordable with lots of clearance

Vertical Roof

This style also features the A frame but uses vertical roof panels to prevent rain and snow accumulation from weighing too heavily on the structure. It's a good option for buildings with a large total roof area


Take a peek at the wide variety of projects we've completed for customers in the Opelousas, LA, area. We can base your project on one of these designs or start from scratch to get the right color and size you want.

18 x 20 x 8 Vertical Roof Cover
Installed at 3 Mile Lake Resort
Customers are very pleased with their cover.

18 x 20 x 8 Vertical Roof Cover
Installed at 3 Mile Lake Resort
Customers are very pleased with their cover.

18 x 20 x 8 Vertical Roof Cover
Installed at 3 Mile Lake Resort
Customers are very pleased with their cover.

Another satisfied customer!

24 x 45 x 9 vertical roof combo, 25 feet enclosed with 8 x 8 rollup door and walk-in door

18 x 21 x 6
Your choice of color
Installed at your house
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